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The legalisation of documents throughout the Arabic embassies is one of our main businesses.

As an company, operating internationally with companies in the Arabic region, you would have to legalise your documents at the appropriate embassy within Germany. Your documents have to be proven by the embassy in order to guarantee regulated and ongoing business-operations.

  • Procurement of GHORFA-stamps within 24 hours
  • Return of documents to another address within Germany and abroad
  • Procurement of translation-stamps of an official Arabic translating agency (condition at the Libyan embassy)

Here is our service

  • We provide the service of a fast and easy way to get your documents legalised at the Arabic embassies, without any hassle or unnecessary delay for you - quick, professional and reliable.
  • You will not have to consider an expensive and uncomfortable journey to the embassy or the consulate based in Germany.
  • You don’t have to waste time by waiting at the embassies’ or consulate.
  • We will always keep you informed about the ongoing process of your documents at the embassy. As we are regularly in close contact with the appropriate embassy, we get the latest news concerning any changes in the regulation/conditions.
  • Choosing our service, you will minimise your legislation process enormously with a maximum of secure handling. Our steady contact to the embassies/consulates will guarantee you a professional, reliable and quick service, so your business with the Arabic region will led to its’ success without any unnecessary delay.

Docu-Legal ist eine eigenständige Service-Agentur und agiert nicht im Namen der Botschaften oder anderen Behörden.
Für unsere Dienstleistung berechnen wir eine angemessene Servicegebühr.