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Terms of business

§ 1 Validity

Delivery of the company Ababneh & Ali A. DOCU-LEGAL GbR (named DOCU-LEGAL in the following), will only be given within the upcoming "terms of business" These terms of business are automatically accepted by every order. All other terms of business will not become part of the contract, even if we do not contradict. These terms of business are part of every contract with DOCU-LEGAL, even when they are not mentioned in subsequent business relations. All oral agreements need the written form.

§ 2 Output

The service of DOCU-LEGAL contains the working-process, the delivery of documents and diploma as well as their pick-up at the appropriate embassy/consulate and the delivery back to the customer. We only deliver by registered post (e.g. recorded delivery, C.O.D, courier) In case the customer does not choose any way of delivery, DOCU-LEGAL will order the most secure courier for delivery. The customer may choose another way of delivery in written form. DOCU-LEGAL is under circumstances entitled to employ another company with the fulfilment of the order (in parts as well as the whole order). Any other special terms or supplementary/exceeded arrangements would need the written form. The contract with DOCU-LEGAL is only valid with the confirmation of the order. DOCU-LEGAL is allowed to refuse an order without mentioning any reasons.

§ 3 Payment

DOCU-LEGAL can demand payment of the customer for the fulfilled order. The amount of payment is related to the arranged prices between DOCU-LEGAL and the customer. All prices are including taxation of its’ latest version. Payment as well as the amount of fees for the GHORFA and embassies/consulates is due by signing the contract, as there are no other arrangements be made. Payment is made, when DOCU-LEGAL is in position to use the money. The only reason to postpone or to set off money against DOCU-LEGAL, is when a counter-demand is judged by law or is absolutely indisputable. The right to retain money is only within the same contract/order. In case of delayed payment, DOCU-LEGAL is permitted to claim interest of 8 % above the valid bank-rate of Deutsche Bundesbank. The assertion of any proven additional or higher pay-damages is allowed.

§ 4 Liability

Documents and diplomas will have to be send to DOCU-LEGAL in registered form by recorded delivery or courier. DOCU-LEGAL is liable for the loss of documents or diplomas - except of the loss on its’ way to the embassy/consulate - only for restoration-costs up to a maximum of 100 €, unless gross negligence or intent can be proven. In that case, DOCU-LEGAL is liable up to a maximum of 1.000 € of proven expenses. DOCU-LEGAL is not liable for the loss of documents or diplomas within the embassies/consulates or during their working-process. As the decision of legalisation and working process of documents and diplomas is only be made by the embassies/consulates, DOCU-LEGAL can neither be made liable for any rejection within the contract , nor for any information in that concern. DOCU-LEGAL can not be made responsible for any faults by the embassies/consulates. DOCU-LEGAL does not guarantee any time-admits (working-process in the embassies/consulates). No Liability for unrealised profits. Extended demands, of whatever reason, are impossible.

§ 5 Cancellation

The cancellation of an order towards DOCU-LEGAL is possible at any time by sending a written statement. In this case the customer will be charged for any costs so far including partial fees and costs of return.

§ 6 Place of performance and legal venue

Place of performance for each party to agreement is Berlin only. The contractual relationship is under German law only.

§ 7 Partly inefficient

In case of inefficiency of some phrases or § of these terms of business, others remain efficient.

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